Andrew McDonough

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation honors the memory of Andrew, a 14-year-old athlete and 'A' student from Wilmington, Delaware. January 27, 2007, Andrew helped lead his team to victory in a state championship soccer tournament. Within 48 hours, he was in cardiac arrest. The diagnosis was Leukemia (AML). The doctors didn't expect Andrew to live through the night.  Amazingly, Andrew fought for 167 days and went to Heaven on July 14, 2007.

Throughout Andrew's illness, he inspired thousands of friends and families. We learned his blood type was B+, which became our motto throughout the fight, to "Be Positive."  B+ reflected how Andrew lived his life and how he inspired others to do the same. Andrew's valiant journey was chronicled in newspapers, on television and on his website, where he and his family have received visits from almost 2 million "friends" leaving messages of prayer, hope, consolation, and stories about Andrew.

Do Good!

Inspired by Andrew's caring attitude and positive outlook, we established The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. In just the past two years, The B+ Foundation has awarded over $1.5 million in research grants and family assistance.

Our 3 Objectives

Do Good by providing financial and emotional support to families of children with cancer through The B+ Family Assistance Program.  With your support, we have helped thousands of  families nationwide with over $1,000,000 in assistance in the last two years . 

Do Good by funding childhood cancer research in search of cures and advancements in chemotherapy. We have awarded grants for over $500,000 over the past two years.  Why is more childhood cancer research needed?

Do Good by spreading the B+ message and helping others "Live Like Andrew." To "Live Like Andrew" means to set goals and try your best, show affection, and be comfortable with yourself. Andrew's Dad, Joe, has spoken to hundreds of groups about Andrew, his lessons, and the B+ movement.  Thousands of B+ supporters spread the message every day by wearing B+ Gear, talking about B+, and Living Like Andrew.
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How Can You Help?

Why is more Childhood Cancer Research Funding needed?

  • Because every school day 46 children will be diagnosed with cancer.
  • Because there are 12 major childhood cancers.
  • Because only 3% of the National Cancer Institute's annual budget funds childhood cancer research.
  • Because childhood cancer is responsible for killing more children and teenagers every year than any other disease.
  • More information on childhood cancer


The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation is an IRS-certified 501(c)3 organization. 
Our Tax ID # is 42-1741037.