Last Call for “Action Days” on Capitol Hill

The Alliance for Childhood Cancer, of which we are a member, is hosting our annual “Action Days” on Capitol Hill on June 15-16. The goal of the Hill visit is to give a voice to the voiceless and, hopefully, persuade members of Congress and their staffs to support increased federal research funding of childhood cancer. There are no special requirements for participation – first timers are welcome, you don’t have to have a child with cancer to help us argue for more support. Training will be provided on Day 1.

There is a special call for Delawareans to attend as we don’t have anyone representing the First State. Please let me (Joe@livelikeandrew.org) know if you’re interested in participating.


8 Days Until the 9th Annual B+ 5k

We need your help! Please create a team, join a team, or sign up as an individual participant today for the 9th Annual B+ 5k on Wed. June 17th at Salesianum.

You make it possible to help families of kids with cancer here in Delaware and in every state in the country. But, we can’t do it without your help.

It’s so easy to raise money by simply taking 58 seconds to forward the pre-populated email out to 10-15 friends. If you don’t feel like doing that, just talk10-15 friends into joining us for the RUN/WALK. There will be a TON of free food as well.

Some teams have gotten really creative in their fundraising. Kudos to Leon Huhn’s team who partnered with Concord High School’s wrestling team and also did a music fundraiser at a PA club. Great job…and THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Please register today at:



In Memoriam

Beau Biden & us - B+ 2014 5k. Ali
99.99% of the time, I write about childhood cancer, its effects, our challenges, and our progress. I would like to pay tribute right now, though, to an adult who recently passed away from a brain tumor. Beau Biden was a friend to our family and our Foundation. Allow me, please, to share with you my Facebook post from the other day.

“Some of the Bidens have known my family for 25+ years, but I only got to know Beau starting in 2007. While I wish I had the opportunity to know him better, I felt that our friendship was a unique one forged from adversity. It was when Andrew was in the hospital that Beau first kindly reached out to us. And then, through his hospitalizations, my mother’s funeral, and my wife’s cancer treatment, we would connect. This picture shows Beau and his daughter, Natalie, stopping by our B+ 5k last June. Beau was on his way to another commitment but insisted on stopping by to support us. He graciously, and repeatedly, declined my offer to say a few words to the crowd because he wasn’t there for political reasons…he was just there because he was a good guy who wanted to be there for us. Reading all of the stories of how he touched so many people’s lives, it’s just amazing to me how he stretched himself so thin doing kind things for other people. He was so genuine.

I won’t only remember Beau as our Attorney General or as the Vice President’s son. I will remember him as a very, very kind person — a good man. I am tremendously honored to have known him.

Andrew, please show Beau around up there in Heaven. You’re going to really like this guy!”

Ali & Andrew’s Dad