Dave Corydon 6.21.15 Seattle finish

Yup…he did it!  My friend, Dave Corydon, rode his recumbent bike 5,000 miles to raise awareness and money for The B+ Foundation.  And, he did it alone.  And, if that’s not enough, this is the SECOND time he’s done it for us.  The first time was when we were in the hospital with Andrew and Dave rode West-to-East.  This time, he started from home in NJ…only fitting because Andrew and Ali were born in New Jersey!  Dave raised well over $4,000 to help families of kids with cancer.  Simply amazing.  Dave, thank you so much and thank you to his wife, Lesley, and daughter, Lindsey, for your support of this mission.


Corvettes, anyone?

Switching gears from bikes to cars, Forwood Manor, a senior living community in Wilmington, DE, is hosting their “Corvette Show & Family Day” this Saturday from 11am-2pm with all proceeds going to The B+ Foundation.  Come out and join us!


Calling All Delaware Drivers!

We need a few dozen more Delaware car owners to fill out the application for a B+ Conquer Childhood Cancer license plate.  There’s NO incremental cost to you…we’re taking care of that.  But, until we hit the magic 200 number, we’re on hold with DelDot as it relates to production of the tags.  Please help us spread awareness.



Thanks, B+ Nation, for helping Arielle and her family!  We couldn’t do it without you.

Arielle Pagan




Live Like Andrew

Ali & Andrew’s Dad