The HOPEtember® Challenge!

7 days are left of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

7 children will die from cancer each of those 7 days!

$7,000 fundraising goal on www.BePositive.org in the next 7 days.

Can we do it?


Let’s put some HOPE in September and every month for all of our innocent kids.  I was asked by a media outlet yesterday “what can people outside of the cancer community do to help?”  I was struck by that question.  If you think that kids should get a chance to grow up, then you’re “inside” the community.

Is the reality of kids getting cancer scary?  Hell yes!  But, we have a choice — put our heads in the sand and pretend it’s going to go away or that someone (government, private sector, other people) else will take care of it, or do something.

Let’s do this!


Ali’s & Andrew’s Dad