Congratulations and Thank You to our Student Ambassadors

While spending so much time fighting childhood cancer can be pretty sad and emotionally draining, there are also some really inspiring moments as well.  Of course, spending time with the B+ Heroes always reminds me of their tremendous courage.  We’re going to see some of them on Sunday as the University of Delaware Women’s Lacrosse Team hosts their annual B+ Game.  Please come out and join us at Delaware Stadium 4/23 at 1pm.

And, seeing the selflessness of young people inspires me and I’m so pleased when they get recognition.  In the last month, two of our partner schools were recognized with prestigious honors.  Our B+ students at the University of Alabama were recently named “Outstanding New Organization” on campus and our NYU students once again received the prestigious President’s Award.  Those awards are really big deals.  I know they don’t do it for the awards, but it’s so well-deserved.

I love seeing the younger kids get so passionate about helping kids fight cancer too.  In my last update, I wrote about 6 year old Henry’s letter.  Recently, North Star Elementary School hosted Movie Night as part of their annual B+ activities.  Every year, they raise thousands of dollars…while having a blast.  Talking about a blast, I watched the McVey Elementary School kids getting doused with colors at their “Christina Color Dash” a few weeks ago.  Those were some happy kids and I’d like to think it was a little more fun for them knowing that they were raising money for The B+ Foundation and kids their age.

I always love introducing Andrew and The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation to new schools.  Two nights ago, I had the privilege and opportunity to speak to about 1,000 students at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO.  We thank Mizzou for raising money to help our families.  My son didn’t live long enough to get the opportunity to attend college.  We’re taking him there in a different way.


Ready to Get Moving?

Do you want to get a little exercise and fight childhood cancer at the same time?  The best (sure, I’m a little biased) 5k around is coming up on Wed. June 21st.  It’s not too soon to register your team or join us as an individual.  Create a team for your company or neighborhood or swim club.  As always, there will be a ton of free food and, of course, we will honor dozens of B+ Heroes and their siblings.  Please register today.

Want to run a little farther???  How about joining The B+ Running Team and join us for the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon/Half Marathon March 4, 2018.  Yes, there’s plenty of time to train.  We can give you tips on how to raise your money commitment, provide you with a free coach, give you a customized fundraising website, free domestic transportation, pre-race meal, medal, B+ Running Team shirt, and more.  We make it easy for you.  Check out the team site and contact with any questions.

Not to be rude, but if you think walking or running in a 5k is hard or asking people for donations to help you fight childhood cancer is hard, just think about how hard it is for the children and families in your local hospitals who are fighting childhood cancer.


The Research Horizon

I recently attended the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) meeting in St. Louis where a few hundred select pediatric oncologists gathered to discuss their research projects.  I was very, very impressed.  Not only by the work being done, but by the collaboration that I saw.  The COG is the pre-eminent childhood cancer network in the US with over 90% of kids with cancer being treated at COG hospitals.  A few thousand COG researchers will assemble in Sept and I will be there representing you and our kids as well.


My Boy!!!

This doesn’t have anything to do with childhood cancer (at least directly), but it has everything to do with THE ORIGINAL B+ Hero, Andrew.  For those of you who don’t follow Ali’s posts on Facebook (YOU SHOULD!!!  🙂  you would have missed a nice picture that Ali shared.  This is a picture from Andrew’s First Communion.  And I just felt like sharing it here.  Here’s Andrew with hair too short to curl!

Make it a great day.  Make a difference in someone’s life today.

Live Like Andrew

Ali & Andrew’s Dad