Meet B+ Hero Riley

Riley is a really cool, 6 year old girl from PA who was diagnosed with leukemia on March 29th.  It was such a privilege to get the opportunity to spend some time with Riley and her family today.  They’re very early on in this journey and I would really appreciate it if you would keep them in your prayers.


Thank You Lukas

Lukas Kusters is a B+ Hero that sadly passed away last year.  You may remember Lukas, the Dutch Destroyer, from the poignant ESPN piece on Lukas and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz.  Lukas and his giving spirit live on as Lukas’ Mom & brother stopped by the office today to present us with a check for $35,000 from their group, Live Like Lukas, to support The B+ Foundation Family Assistance Program.  So many families of kids with cancer will benefit from Lukas, his family, and all of the generous people who supported the Dutch Destroyer!  Thank you!


Ali & Andrew’s Dad