B+ Hero Troy

I ask for your prayers today for a really great young man named Troy Haynes.  Troy is a senior in high school, 4 year starter as quarterback on his high school football team, 2-time state champion, and such a tremendously humble and respectful young man.  Unfortunately, Troy is battling kidney cancer.  I had the chance to visit with Troy, his family, his football coach, and some friends recently and was privileged to be joined by local football star, and now Philadelphia Eagle, Paul Worrilow.  Paul is a great guy who didn’t hesitate when I asked him to join me on a visit to the hospital.  Being thrust into the world of cancer in such a shock at any age, but at 18 years old, it just doesn’t make any sense.  Troy reminds me a lot of my son, Andrew.  They’re both beasts…with great attitudes.  Please pray for Troy.


Miss Jetset 2019

Jetset Magazine, an ultra high-end, luxury lifestyle magazine holds a contest each year called Miss Jetset.  The winner receives $50,000 and their photo on the cover of the magazine.  During the contest, voters can buy additional votes for their favorite model with a portion of the net proceeds going to The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.  I had the privilege of attending the Miss Jetset party in Scottsdale, AZ recently and we received a check for $196,273!!!  In the four years of our partnership, we have received almost $700,000 to help fight childhood cancers.  Thank you Jetset Magazine and all of the sponsors, contestants, and voters.


Starboard B+ Black Tag Auction

The Starboard Black Tag Auction is a REALLY cool event.  For those of you not from the DC/VA/MD/DE/PA/NJ area, The Starboard is a very popular bar & restaurant in Dewey Beach, DE.  For the past 8 years, on the Saturday before Memorial Day, an auction is held on eBay whereby bidders can ‘win’ one of 33 special VIP Black Tags.  The replica license plate black tag allows the holder and guests to jump the line at very popular Starboard.  This year, ‘we’ crushed the record.  Last year, ‘we’ raised $27,000 and this year, $45,000 was raised to fight childhood cancer.  I say ‘we’ because the Foundation doesn’t do the work behind this great event.  All credit goes to Aaron Dunphy from LowDigitTags.com and Monty & Toastie from The Starboard.  It’s a really fun event and I’m just amazed at how many families we’re going to be able to help.

A challenge for you – think about this in your world.  Is there a restaurant, night club, sports venue, anywhere that it’s hard to get into that you could replicate this idea in your area? It’s an incredibly simple concept.  If the establishment is willing to help kids fight cancer, bidders seeking a little status and a chance to jump the line will pay real money for this privilege.  I wish we could do this at sporting arenas or concerts or any of a million places.  We just need you to be the “Aaron Dunphy” who runs with this idea and a proprietor willing to help.  Please reach out to me at Joe@LiveLikeAndrew.org if you think you have an idea of replicating this idea.

Enjoy a safe Memorial Day weekend!

Ali & Andrew’s Dad