From the 49th State to the 1st State

From the 49th State to the 1st State

The Last Frontier A year ago this week, The Today Show did a nice feature on The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation and we were stunned when they presented us with a free cruise to Alaska!  Last week, we got a chance to experience the trip of a lifetime.  We want to thank... Read More
Historic Childhood Cancer News!

Historic Childhood Cancer News!

The STAR Act is Signed into Law!!! Yesterday, the STAR Act, the most comprehensive piece of childhood cancer legislation ever introduced in the United States Congress, was signed into law!  STAR stands for Survivorship, Treatment, Access, and Research.  There is still... Read More
Congratulations Dr. Ali McDonough!

Congratulations Dr. Ali McDonough!

My update today is not about childhood cancer per se, but about a young lady who has done a lot in the battle against childhood cancer – a Co-Founder of The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation – Ali McDonough. After 21 years of school, 10 of which followed the... Read More

Heartwarming Updates

I’m always humbled and appreciative of the wide array of support that we receive in our efforts to help families of kids with cancer and fund cutting-edge research.  It really energizes me to see that so many people, from so many walks of life CARE!  To give you... Read More

Advocating for the Kids!

Making Our Voices Heard This year, we had the largest contingent of B+ families join me for “Action Days” on Capitol Hill.  Action Days are sponsored by the Alliance for Childhood Cancer, a collaboration of about 25 different organizations, including The... Read More

The Circle of Support

Meet B+ Hero Riley Riley is a really cool, 6 year old girl from PA who was diagnosed with leukemia on March 29th.  It was such a privilege to get the opportunity to spend some time with Riley and her family today.  They’re very early on in this journey and I... Read More

It’s a Team Effort

Our Partners I gave a brief talk last week at the national conference of the Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers (APOSW) in Austin, TX. The pediatric oncology Social Workers are truly our partners in our B+ Family Assistance Program. They are our eyes and... Read More

Congratulations B+ NOVA Nation!

It was so fitting that I watched Monday’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game at my hotel in Tuscaloosa, AL after a talk I gave at the University of Alabama.  Our partners at Alabama celebrated a National Championship in football in January and now I... Read More

Legislative History Milestone!

The U.S. Senate Passes The STAR Act! Yesterday, the STAR Act, the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever introduced, was PASSED in the Senate by “Unanimous Consent”.  This is HUGE!  The Alliance for Childhood Cancer, of which The Andrew McDonough B+... Read More


This past weekend, we had 3 events that are very special to me. Two of my three alma maters – the University of Delaware and Fordham University – held B+ events.  UDance attracted about 6,000 people to The Bob Carpenter Center on Sunday as Blue Hens... Read More