The Starboard B+ Black Tag Auction

For 9 years, through the hard work of super-supporter Aaron Dunphy and the generosity of the mega-popular Dewey Beach, DE bar/restaurant, The Starboard, we have been the exclusive beneficiary of The Starboard B+ Black Tag Auction.  The auction, held on eBay, allows patrons to win a VIP tag that allows them to jump the line and get a quick table.  The concept is really brilliant (I can say that because I didn’t come up with it.)  We could do this in hundreds of cities & towns around the country IF we could just get an “Aaron Dunphy” in each place to be the boots on the ground to make it happen.  Hint…hint…any volunteers?  😉

In 2019, we raised $45,000 by selling 33 tags.  Like a whole lot of things, Covid cancelled our event in 2020.  We got the green light to move forward with the auction this year, but we could only sell 20 tags…and we had already missed Memorial Day.  I was hoping that we could PERHAPS bring in $25,000.  Boy, was I wrong.

Selling only 20 tags, we raised an AMAZING $83,468!!!

Every single tag exceeded $3,000 each and the #1 tag went for $7,100!  Thank you to everyone who made this possible.  This will help so many families.  Don’t forget, please think about where else we could do this across the country.  Thanks.


B+ Hero Families

Speaking of our families, some who receive financial assistance, some who receive non-financial support, I’d like to ask for your prayers for two very special B+ Heroes.  Christian Malmgren is a great young man from DE who is taking a bucket list trip through the US right now.  Seventeen year-old kids should not have a bucket list.

And a TRULY special young lady, Victoria Marsh, has gone home from the hospital with hospice care.  Victoria is one of the sweetest, kindest people that I have ever met!  We paired Victoria with the sisters of Sigma Kappa at the University of Delaware.

Christian and Victoria – and their families – are some of the nicest people that I have ever been blessed to know.  I am so proud to be friends with Christian and Victoria.  Please pray for them and their families.

MAKE it a great weekend.

Ali & Andrew’s Dad