It was so fitting that I watched Monday’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game at my hotel in Tuscaloosa, AL after a talk I gave at the University of Alabama.  Our partners at Alabama celebrated a National Championship in football in January and now I was watching our partners at Villanova win their 2nd National Championship in 3 years!  It was so cool to see the players celebrating last night on the same stage on campus that we celebrated our B+ Heroes just 11 days earlier.  Here’s a picture of B+ Hero, Danny, with Villanova player Mikal Bridges from NOVAdance 2016.  Congratulations NOVA Nation!


Speaking of NOVAdance, thank you and congratulations to the students of Villanova for raising $357k this year!  The day before NOVAdance, the students of the Charter School of Wilmington crushed it with Charterthon raising $82k. And, The College of New Jersey became our 7th school to break the $100,000 mark with TCNJam 2018 bringing in $102k!!!  All of these students inspire me so much!!!  Chris, Ali, and I were especially touched when the Villanova students presented us with a cape with Andrew’s name on it.  They give capes to all of our B+ Heroes and they didn’t want to leave Andrew out!  So kind!


Please keep Danny Feltwell in your prayers.  Danny, the boy pictured above, had a bone marrow transplant 8 days ago.  This brave kid and his Dad have been through a lot and they have a challenging road ahead for the next several weeks.


Ali & Andrew’s Dad