My update today is not about childhood cancer per se, but about a young lady who has done a lot in the battle against childhood cancer – a Co-Founder of The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation – Ali McDonough.

After 21 years of school, 10 of which followed the passing of her brother, my daughter became Dr. Ali McDonough last Friday.  Ali is now a clinical psychologist.  During graduate school, Ali had over 4,000 hours of clinical experience helping a variety of clients from adult male prisoners to people battling opiod addictions to children dealing with a variety of mental health needs.

I am so tremendously proud of Ali for her phenomenal hard work and perseverance and for the dignified, classy young lady that she is.  I am so proud and blessed to be Ali’s Dad and friend.  Congratulations, Ali.  Your Mom, Andrew, and I are SO proud of you!!!

P.S.  Note the picture of Andrew pinned inside Ali’s graduation gown.  He’s ALWAYS with her!  #FamilyOfFour