B+ Heroes

Kids Fighting and Surviving Cancer
Andrew's sister

Andrew is the Original B+ Hero

For the way he lived his life, for the way he battled against the odds, and for the way he continues to inspire thousands, Andrew is our Hero.

And we believe that every child who has battled cancer, or is still in the fight, is a Hero — a B+ Hero.

We honor each child with cancer, and their siblings, so that everyone knows how special they are.

B+ Heroes ARE Special

The B+ Foundation® believes that every child who has battled cancer – or is still in the fight – is a hero. The B+ Hero Program is intended to make the children (and their siblings) feel special while putting them on a much-deserved pedestal.
When the B+ Heroes are feeling well enough, they are invited to participate in a number of B+ events, such as events on college campuses and our B+ 5K.
B+ Heroes – kids who have fought cancer or are still in the battle – have the opportunity start a B+ Hero Fund, which encourages and enables their friends and followers to support their efforts to fund childhood cancer research and help other kids in the fight.

B+ Heroes and Schools

Part of what makes our events so unique and successful is The B+ Heroes Program. The B+ Heroes Program matches a participating group (i.e. fraternity, student organization) with a child battling cancer. Since we assist children with cancer and their families across the country, we have the potential to match schools nationwide with local B+ Heroes. It’s a great experience for everyone involved. B+ Heroes are “adopted” by these groups and enjoy get-togethers, outings and just hanging out.

B+ Heroes make these terrible diseases more real, provide inspiration, and give students a reason to dance, fundraise, and increase awareness about the battle our B+ Heroes fight. These partnerships are intended to be long-term and we find that the children really become part of the group’s family.

B+ is a very important foundation and has been meaningful to me and my family. During the scariest time of me and my family’s life, The B+ Foundation introduced me to some amazing people. If it weren’t for The B+ Foundation, I wouldn’t have met the amazing people who stood by my side, help cheer me up, and take me to new places in order to take my mind off my sickness.  – B+ Hero, Marco

Some of Our B+ Heroes

Andy Dane


Mahlai is 5 years old! She loves dancing, princesses and apples. When Mahlai grows up she wants to help people.  Mahlai was diagnosed with both T Cell and B Cell Leukemia at just 4 years old. Mahlai is paired with Alpha Sigma Tau at New York University through The B+ Heroes Program.
Andy Dane


B+ Hero Leon fought Osteosarcoma, bone cancer, for nearly 3.5 years until passing away at 13 years-old. Leon was so much more than his cancer. He’s a joker who loved to squirt Andrew’s Dad with the water gun. He’s smart and sensitive. He’s a sled hockey player and an exceptional violinist. He’s a friend, a brother, and a son. Leon was also a fraternity brother of Sigma Nu at The University of Delaware through The B+ Heroes Program. Leon fought hard to raise awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer through “Leon’s Team” at The B+ 5K. His family and friends continue to honor him through this effort.
Andy Dane


Hayden loves to swim, dance and play princess with her friends. When she grows up, Hayden wants to be a chef and own her own restaurant. Hayden was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at just 4 years old. Through The B+ Heroes Program, Hayden is paired with The University of Delaware Women’s Lacrosse team.

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