A message from Chris

Twenty-three years ago our family of 3 became the perfect family of 4 when Andrew made his entrance. We were thrilled! From that day on, Andrew entertained us (he made everything we did more fun), challenged us (we went through A LOT of babysitters), and made us proud (you’ve read some of the stories). Leaving us with many happy memories to fill the hole in our lives. We just can’t make any new ones with Andrew.

Today, on Andrew’s birthday, I’m reminded of a question posed to Joe during one of his many talks: Knowing what you know now, would you rather have had Andrew for 14 years, or never have had to go through this tragedy? My answer then and now: Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with Andrew, and allowing us to care for him, nurture him, and love him. Andrew is a gift we have been blessed to receive. Yes, there is pain behind the smiles every day. But we are lucky to have the gift of Andrew. And to share him.

In honor of Andrew’s birthday, please make a memory with your family. Live Like Andrew.

Andrew at birth