Thanks to the efforts of former Charter School of Wilmington student Minnie Proud initiating a bill (HB 23) with Kim Williams State Representative, 19th District, I had the privilege of speaking to the Delaware General Assembly about childhood cancer, The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, and my son, Andrew. In January, we spoke with the House and Wednesday and Thursday of this week, to the Senate.

I was very moved by the opportunity to speak on the floor of the Senate this afternoon as I shared Andrew’s story with the full Senate and gallery. It was inspiring to hear B+ Hero (and secret weapon in advocating for ANYTHING) Emily and her Mom, Jackie Higgins, share their journey and I was humbled by the kind words about The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. I was also very touched by the reaction of the Senators and their interest in ALL asking to be co-sponsors of this bill.

What is HB 23? All Delawareans will now have the opportunity to donate a portion (or all) of their tax refund to The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundationto fight childhood cancer!

Next stop – the Governor’s desk!

Hopefully Andrew is proud!

Ali & Andrew’s Dad