I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a few weeks, but it’s not due to a lack of activity.  Unfortunately, childhood cancer NEVER takes a break…not for COVID-19, not for anything.

I want to give huge shout-outs to local B+ Heroes Emily Higgins and Riley Jadick who completed their chemo treatment in the past few weeks.  You girls rock!!!


B+ Hero “D”

I want to share with you the story of a B+ Hero that I will simply refer to as “D”.  D is an 11 year old boy with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  His Social Worker shares that “he is cared for by his single mother and has four siblings…D has been undergoing treatment for his recurrent disease, but his prognosis is very poor.  He is experiencing more pain and complications that are putting the possibility of continued treatment at risk.

D’s quality of life has been significantly impaired in recent months due to increased pain in this hips.  He was able to use bi-lateral canes…but is now requiring the use of a wheelchair.  The wheelchair has resulted in a decrease in his independence because he is unable to self-propel the chair because of arm weakness and blisters on his hands which are a side effect of his cancer treatments.  Despite D’s diagnosis, he longs to be like all other children.  He loves being outdoors and playing.  He is very saddened when he must watch his siblings and friends ride bicycles and not be able to join them because of his lack of mobility.  He is also concerned about being able to maneuver around his school, should he get to return this year.  It is for these reasons, I am seeking financial support from your organization to purchase a scooter for D.”

Thanks to you, we paid the $999 to buy D not simply a scooter, but a great deal of independence.  Thank you!  This is money so well spent.



The Passing of a Legend

Following the passing of a civil rights legend, allow me to share my FB posting from a few days ago.
Several years ago, I had the great honor of being invited to President Obama’s State of the Union Address by then Congressman (and now Governor) John Carney. It was a really cool experience! Following the address, I was heading downstairs to meet John when I was stopped on the stairs by the Secret Service. We had to hold in place because Pres. Obama was passing by us. He was very friendly & relaxed. But, the REAL highlight to me was having the opportunity to meet an icon – Congressman & Civil Rights legend John Lewis.
Thank you, John Lewis, for your courage and service to our country and humanity. May you rest in peace.


Ali & Andrew’s Dad

P.S.  Thank you all very much for the kind notes observing the 13th anniversary of my son’s passing on July 14th.