In the late summer of 2007, not long after our precious son and brother, Andrew, died, Chris, Ali and I decided to start The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation to fight childhood cancer.  We set out to do this by funding research, engaging in advocacy, and very importantly, providing financial assistance to deserving families of kids with cancer.  We were SO blessed by the support of friends and “friends we hadn’t met yet” when we were in the hospital, and sadly, many families are not as fortunate.  We wanted to be that lifeline for these families.  We wanted to pay this support forward.

In the past 14 years, I have just been amazed at what you’ve enabled us to do.  We have funded over 150 research grants around the world, we have a ‘seat at the table’ for virtually all of the major advocacy efforts in childhood cancer, and we are now the largest provider of financial assistance to families of kids with cancer nationwide.  I truly believe that our collective efforts on these fronts have literally saved children’s lives.  How I wish one of those was Andrew’s.

From our offices in Wilmington, DE, New York City, and Birmingham, AL, our super dedicated team works with students, adults, and companies all over the country to engage them to help us in this battle.  We cannot do it alone.  For the last 9 years, my day-to-day partner in this effort has been Carly Bergstein, currently our Program Director.  I met Carly 13 years ago when she was President of Alpha Epsilon Phi at our shared alma mater, the University of Delaware.  She has played a large role in our success, both as a student and as a full-time colleague.  Carly and I also share a grad school alma mater as she received her Masters in Social Work at Fordham University in NY.  Carly is a tireless advocate who is resourceful, passionate, and an excellent leader.

In recognition to Carly’s contributions to the organization and in planning for the long-term, future success of The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, it gives me great pleasure to announce Carly’s promotion to EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation effective July 1, 2021!!!

To answer an obvious question, I’m not going anywhere…at least yet.  🙂  I will continue to be the President of “Andrew’s Foundation”, but over the next few years, some responsibilities and decision-making will be transferred from me to Carly.  Carly and I will work even more closely than ever to ensure that we are doing right by our bosses – the kids with cancer -, their families, and you, our supporters.  All good organizations need succession plans and I feel tremendously blessed that Carly is willing to take on an even larger role in the future direction of our organization.  I am SO proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish over the past 14 years.  I can’t imagine what the next 14 will look like.  Please feel free to reach out to Carly on our FB page or at Carly@BePositive.org to share your good wishes.  Mazel Tov, Carly…and THANK YOU!

Andrew’s & Ali’s Dad