I am SO sorry for the people who have died from coronavirus (COVID19)!  It is a tremendous tragedy.

I will keep those sick from COVID 19 in my prayers.  Please, everyone, be sensible and take precautions.

I cannot imagine the fear that so many families have as they lose income and cannot afford food, shelter and medicine because their job at a sports arena or a coffee shop near a shuttered company no longer exists.

My heart breaks for the thousands of young people, primarily college students, who have worked SO hard over the past 12 months to organize events on their campuses to help The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation fight childhood cancer.  In the past week, we have had them all shut down from here on out.  I have spent a lot of time with our student partners lately and tears have been shed; especially among the seniors.

And, I worry greatly about the impact that this pandemic will have on our ability to help families of kids with cancer.  With these events cancelled, I’m estimating that our Foundation alone will lose about $1,500,000, and that is money that will not be re-couped at a later date down the road.  I worry about our B+ Hero families, both from a physical health perspective due to viruses as well as a physical health perspective from the effects of eviction, lack of food, utilities being turned off, inability to purchase medicine, inability to fix the car to get to the hospital for treatment and many more things.  The young people on campuses make it possible for us to help all of these families of kids with cancer.

The applications from the families do not stop because we are in the midst of a global pandemic. You may worry about the supply of toilet paper in your grocery store, but today, I wrote 80 checks for this week’s worth of applications to help families pay much more critical expenses.

Staying safe can be hard, making a donation is easy.  Please consider helping us close the $1,500,000 gap…even if it’s $5.  Every little bit helps.  Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation here.  We need you, B+ Nation.

Stay safe and try to B+.

Ali & Andrew’s Dad