Don’t Forget the Siblings

Please take a few minutes to read an article from today’s Wilmington, DE News-Journal on The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation’s support of a very important research study into the impact of childhood cancer on siblings.  Sometimes people don’t realize that a diagnosis of childhood cancer not only has a profound physical and emotional impact on the child diagnosed, but also on the whole family, particularly the siblings.  I’m really proud of B+ Sibling Heroes Ali McDonough & Maggie Anderson for their insightful contributions to this story.  It’s important that they are seen as “Sibling Heroes” and not “Forgotten Heroes”.  Congratulations to Dr. Melissa Alderfer and Dr. Anne Kazak of Nemours/A.I. duPont Hospital for their leadership in researching this important topic.


The Cruelty of a Cancer Relapse

Here’s another ‘must read’ article about B+ Hero, Danny Feltwell.  This morning, I had the privilege of watching 50-60 (who knows how many?) police cars from the numerous departments from DE, MD, and federal agencies parade past Danny’s room at A.I. duPont Hospital as a show of support to Danny and all the kids in the hospital.  Please keep Danny, Nathan, and all of our B+ Heroes all across the country in your prayers.


Cops & Firefighters Play Ice Hockey for Our Kids

And last, but not least, thank you to the Wilmington (DE) Police Department and Wilmington (DE) Fire Department for including The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation as your beneficiary of the annual Wilmington Classic ice hockey game.  The B+ Foundation has been the beneficiary every year and the cops and firefighters allow us to bring B+ Heroes onto the ice for the ceremonial puck drop.  This year was great as always!  Thank you very much to Wilmington’s finest and bravest.  Here’s a short re-cap of the night.

Live Like Andrew

Ali & Andrew’s Dad