International Research Collaboration

When Chris, Ali, and I started The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, it was our steadfast desire – demand actually – that any researchers that we support must share the learnings from their work. Looking back, I was a bit naive, perhaps, because it was our first foray into funding scientific research.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

After 13+ years, I am VERY pleased to report that there is tremendous collaboration between American pediatric oncology researchers.  Beyond what they publish, there is tremendous interaction and sharing at formal events like conferences and in an informal fashion.  Competition still does exist, and perhaps occasionally get in the way, but I think that happens more at the administration/executive level of institutions and not at the researcher level.  Some administrators tend to care a lot more about hospital rankings than investigators do.

Childhood cancers know no geographic boundary and since the incidence rate of childhood cancer is relatively small (relative to adult cancers), it is imperative that there is international cooperation as well.  I am SO encouraged to personally participate in initiatives such as “Accelerate” that breaks down boundaries and bring together ALL stakeholders.  “Accelerate” is a European-initiated platform that brings together all stakeholders – Industry (Pharma companies), Regulators (FDA in the USA and EMA in Europe), Academia (researchers), and Advocates (charities).  “Accelerate” has now actively engaged American partners in this initiative as well. It is this kind of collaboration that will, in fact, ACCELERATE our progress in the fight against childhood cancers.  I am tremendously encourage.  This week, 197 “delegates” have gathered in Brussels, Belgium for the latest Accelerate Conference.  This group consists of 70 from Industry, 67 from Academia, 44 Advocates, 10 Regulators, and 6 staff members.


Fight Childhood Cancer with your DE Tax Refund

Delawareans, PLEASE remember (and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS and accountants) that you can share your Delaware tax refund with The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.  Thanks to Rep. Kim Williams, HB 23 allows you to share your refund with us to help fight childhood cancers.  Please consider helping us.  Thanks.


NYC Marathon & Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon/Half

I am thrilled to report that the NY Roadrunners Club has selected The B+ Foundation as an official charity partner for the 2020 NYC Marathon.  We have been awarded just 5 spots.  Please contact Carly@BePositive.org if you’re interested in running with the B+ team for either NYC or Savannah.


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