Blue Hen Bay Bash 2015

The Blue Hen Parrothead Club will be hosting their 8th Annual “Blue Hen Bay Bash” on Saturday, July 25, 2015 at the Riverview Inn in Pennsville, NJ. Thanks to Parrothead Club member and B+ supporter, Maggie Knight, The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation will once again be the beneficiary of this great event. It’s a great time and a really great group of philanthropically-minded folks. Check them out and/or join us on Saturday.



Happy Birthday, B+ Hero Jibril

I’m copying Ali’s beautiful post about B+ Hero, Jibril. Yes, EVERYONE deserves the chance to grow up. You’re so right, Ali.

“B+ Hero Jibril’s 8th birthday is Sunday. Jibril has Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain cancer.

The devastating reality of childhood cancer is that Jibril’s family was not sure that he would still be alive to celebrate this birthday. They’re living on a “day-to-day basis”, unsure of what tomorrow brings, and say that God willing Jibril will still be with us on Sunday.

We have a favor to ask… Please take a few minutes to leave Jibril a message at: @Updates on Jibril on Facebook. If you’d like to send a birthday card, please mail it to 104 E. Walnut Lane Philadelphia, PA 19144.

Please share this so we can make this a memorable birthday for Jibril and his family.
Everyone deserves the chance to grow up.”


Meet B+ Hero, Leo G.

Leo is a 16 year old young man who has been diagnosed with ALL (leukemia). Since his diagnosis in May, he has had steroid-induced diabetes, been in the PICU twice, and receives chemotherapy 1-4 times each week. He will need chemo until December, 2018!

Dad is working and Mom is juggling work and being at the hospital with Leo. She doesn’t have transportation, so she relies on others to get to the hospital. The family has one cell phone and Dad takes it to work because since that’s how he’s contacted for jobs. Mom doesn’t have a cell phone and Leo is at the hospital by himself a lot. Mom writes:

“I would use the money to buy a cell phone and pay for the service. By having the phone, I would be able to communicate more with the hospital and with my child. I could call and check on him and he could call me at my job if the doctors need me. By having the phone, I could call someone, in case of emergency, to take me to the hospital.”

As I read her note, I can’t help but think how fortunate Chris and I were to be by Andrew’s bedside all the time.

Thanks for allowing us to help families from 250 hospitals around the country!


Live Like Andrew

Ali & Andrew’s Dad