Thank you to the Elks Swim Club for hosting the “B+ Swim-a-thon”. No offense to the parents who worked hard to plan this, but this was yet another wonderful example of “Kids Helping Kids Fight Cancer”. Everyone who jumped in the pool raised money and had a goal of swimming one mile each. That’s 66 laps in the Elks pool! It was SO cool seeing little kids working so hard to swim for our kids with cancer. Most of the kids, even really young ones, completed all 66 laps. By the time the 3 hour event was over, a total of 80 miles was covered.

I would like to challenge B+ Nation everywhere to replicate this. Whether you live in an area with swim clubs, rivers, lakes, or ocean, how cool would it be if we could have a B+ Swim-a-thon in every state? And, the easiest way to raise money with an event like this is to use our “Making a Difference” website where you can create your event (swim-a-thon or anything else) and leverage technology to generate awareness and money by simply sending out 10 emails and/or posting your link on FB and Twitter. Let us know if you decide to take me up on the challenge as we’d love to post pictures of your event.



A Note to You

“To our Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation Friends,

In January, we received a blessing from you in the form of $300. It was not just a monetary blessing, but a gift of compassion and an expression of hope for Allyson’s life. She was able to return to school after radiation treatments and walk across the stage with her class for her high school diploma. We pray for continued remission as she heads to Appalachian State University in the fall. Thank you for honoring your son through the life of my daughter. Thank you again for your light in that darkness. Much love, Allyson’s family”

Thank you, B+ Nation, for enabling us to help so many in such a profound way. We don’t just pay bills. We give hope and love! We are a lifeline in so many ways.


Live Like Andrew

Chris’ Husband

(Today, “Ali & Andrew’s Dad” is signing off as “Chris’ Husband” because today is our 32nd anniversary!)