Sisterly Bond

Please read this beautiful letter from a B+ Hero Mom, Shannon.  Please keep Aryn’s ‘big sister’, Sam, in your prayers.

“When Aryn was 2 years old, she was diagnosed with ALL, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Within months of her diagnoses, Aryn became a part of the B+ Heroes Program and was ‘adopted’ by UD Kappa Alpha Theta. Aryn met her Theta sisters for the first time at UDance, and I, as Aryn’s mom, was completely amazed by the instant bond Aryn and her sisters shared. The women of Theta have made a huge impact on Aryn and I, and I cannot express how deeply I’ve been moved by a group of college students who are so dedicated to my child, much less, bring her an enormous amount of love and joy. During one of the B+ events, Aryn’s Theta sister, Samantha, gently took Aryn’s hand and they strolled away from me. Samantha, a freshman at the time, turned and looked at me, giving me the look that said ‘Don’t worry Mom, I got her.’ And she did…and still does. Aryn does not have any siblings – she craves companionship and she has found this in her Theta sisters, especially Samantha and Rina. Samantha was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2015. When Aryn found out, she knew she needed to be with her. Aryn said to me, ‘Mom, she helped me, now it’s my turn to help her.’ The love, friendship and support Sam had shown Aryn during her battle, was now reversed. Sisterhood at its fullest. Distance kept Aryn and Sam apart, but on those special occasions when together with Rina, it is happy times – laughter and great conversations. Most recently, with help of Sam’s family and Rina, Aryn (we) surprised Sam at a Brain Tumor Walk on Long Island, NY. Joyful tears to see her sister, Aryn wrapped her arms around Sam, squeezed her, looked at me with a stare…me knowing the words ‘Mom, I got this…I got her…Her Fight is My Fight!’”

– B+ Hero, Aryn’s Mom, on the wonderful relationship between Samantha and Aryn


While I’m asking for prayers, please remember B+ Hero Christian this coming Tuesday as he has a Bone Marrow Transplant.  This boy and his family have been through a lot, but he’s a tough kid!


It’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last update.  I attended the preeminent childhood cancer research conference (Children’s Oncology Group) in Dallas and came away so excited by the promise of exciting progress and discovery.  Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of speaking to 9 groups at Chapman University (Orange, CA) and Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA) to (hopefully) motivate them for their upcoming B+ events. On Wednesday, I was in Washington, DC for our meeting of the Alliance for Childhood Cancer where we discussed legislative priorities on the federal level as they relate to pediatric oncology.  And, following a Rotary Club talk that I gave this morning, I just finished writing the Family Assistance Program checks for this week.  For THIS WEEK ALONE,  we sent 77 checks!!!  You make it possible.

Thank you.

Live Like Andrew!


Ali & Andrew’s Dad