Let me introduce you to a B+ Hero Family.  Adley is a 3 year old girl with a 4 year old big sister, Tenley.  Tenley has been battling Leukemia and she had a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT).  Just two days before Tenley’s BMT, their Mom gave birth to another precious little girl.  As background, a BMT is a REALLY big deal.  It’s not something that doctors rush to do.  You really only do this if other front line treatment protocols haven’t succeeded.  There is much preparation for the child receiving the transplant, assuming that they are lucky enough to find a compatible donor.  Once the transplant is completed, there is a nerve-racking 100 day period where the child is pretty much in isolation with a very compromised immune system while they’re waiting, praying, and hoping that the new cells engraft and take hold.  And, hopefully the child will not experience GVHD – Graft Versus Host Disease.

So, Tenley has experienced many complications but she was making enough progress to be discharged from the hospital.  One day BEFORE Tenley’s discharge, 3 year-old Adley presented at the hospital with fever and bone pain in her legs.  LIKE HER SISTER, ADLEY WAS NOW DIAGNOSED WITH LEUKEMIA AS WELL.

I know what it’s like to be told that your child has cancer.  I CANNOT imagine what it’s like to be told that TWO of your kids have cancer…while you have a newborn…during a pandemic!  Mom is a Principal at a school and Dad works in the family business, but neither has been able to work as they are being treated at a very good hospital miles from home.

My heart breaks for this family!  Thanks to B+ Nation, WE WILL lift this family up and help them pay their bills so that they can focus on their 3 girls.  Please keep this family – and all of our families (especially Christian & Danny) – in your prayers.


World Cancer Day

On February 4th, World Cancer Day, we challenged our student partners all around the country to help us try to raise $100,000 in one day!  Admittedly, this was a VERY lofty goal.  These young people continue to amaze me!  They raised $120,000!!!  I want to thank all of them and our dedicated team – Carly, Julia, Paige, Molly, & Allison.  You’re incredible!

MAKE it a great weekend.

Ali & Andrew’s Dad