We just finished up our weekly review of Family Assistance Program applications and I signed 111 checks!!!  Can you believe it?  One week!  Thanks to support of B+ Nation, SO many families won’t be evicted this week while their child LITERALLY fights a life or death battle.  Their child will have a better chance of winning this battle because you paid for the medicine that the insurance company wouldn’t cover.  The power has been turned back on and the child with cancer who is home will be warm because of you.  Our kids are immunosuppressed…they MUST live in a clean and safe environment to give them the best chance at survival.  And, sadly, we helped pay for several funerals today.  We’ve had several instances where the funeral home would not have proceeded with the services had we not pledged to cover part of the bill.  My friends, your help makes such a difference!

It hit extremely close to home today as we helped pay the funeral expenses of a 14 year old child who died from AML (leukemia).  As many of you know, my 14 year old son, Andrew, died from AML as well.  Ana was diagnosed in August, 2018 and she died in December.  Her family’s annual household income is $21,000.  Mom works as a housekeeper at a nursing home, but has missed a lot of work over the past few months…understandably.

Kade is a 6 month old boy who was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma just two weeks into his short life.  He has already received 6 rounds of chemotherapy at a hospital 2.5 hours from home.  Are you ready for this?  Kade’s 3 year old brother was also treated at the same hospital for Retinoblastoma previously.  Dad is a stay at home Dad, but is now looking for part-time work.  Mom was the primary financial provider, but she lost her job in September, 2018. Not surprisingly.  She is just now returning to work and the family has asked for help with their mortgage to provide a bridge until they can get back on their feet.

On behalf of Ana’s and Kade’s families – and the families of thousands of others – thank you!

MAKE it a good weekend.


Andrew & Ali’s Dad