With one week left in the year, I can report that YOUR foundation will help OVER 2,500 families of kids with cancer in 2018.  You have made it possible for these families to focus on their innocent child’s battle with this horrible group of diseases.

Here is a picture of 4 year old Avalyn.  Avalyn is battling leukemia.  She tells us that she loves “my people and God”, she wonders about “if I was a snowman”, she wants to be “a doctor and a superhero”, and she is afraid of “the dark”.  She dreams of “having a kitty kat”.  I pray that by next Christmas, Avalyn has made great progress in beating the leukemia and is much closer to getting her “kitty kat”. (The standard protocol for kids with Avalyn’s type of leukemia is approximately 2.5 years of chemo.)

We thank you for your support and, as you’ll see below, so does Avalyn.  🙂


Merry Christmas and please keep the season in the proper perspective.  And, please keep all of our B+ Heroes and their families in your ‘thoughts and prayers’ and especially those families who have an emptiness during the holidays as they miss their precious child.

Ali & Andrew’s Dad