Criteria for The B+ Foundation Family Assistance Program


The B+ Foundation® is committed to emotionally and financially assisting families of children with cancer, so you can focus on helping your children get well. To receive financial assistance from us, your family must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a child diagnosed with cancer under the age of 21
  • Need assistance with expenses directly attributable to your child’s diagnosis
  • Assistance may be granted one time in a 12-month period/2 times overall
  • Receive treatment at any U.S. hospital
  • Application MUST be completely filled out by the family (Page 1) and the Social Worker (Page 2) for it to be reviewed
  • We only pay creditors directly

How to Apply

To apply, please print out this form, fill it out and send it to us at:

The B+ Foundation Family Assistance Program
101 Rockland Circle
Wilmington, DE 19803

Applications are reviewed every Friday, with some exceptions.

If you know of anyone who can use our help, have them contact us at Assistance@BePositive.org about The B+ Family Assistance Program.

For additional resources, please visit the Hope Portal.

Please don’t hesitate to submit your request. We want to help in this small way.

The B+ Foundation has given us an incredible amount of support, much like you would expect from a family member, and that’s what we consider them to be – Andrew, B+ Hero Hayden’s Dad