Last Wednesday night, 9 year old B+ Hero Danny Feltwell joined us for the Diamond State Classic basketball tournament. He was the liveliest of the 8 B+ Heroes introduced on the court. By the next morning, though, a scan revealed a large tumor and we learned that Danny’s cancer had relapsed after 2-3 years ‘off treatment’ (I would argue a childhood cancer survivor is never really ‘off treatment’, whether it be physically or psycho-socially.)

Now this poor boy, who was diagnosed at about 2, has to face a tremendously grueling regimen. Thankfully, Danny has the best wingman possible in his Dad, Danny Feltwell Jr.Please keep Dan, Danny, and Danny’s caregivers in your prayers!

Please also pray for 16 year old, B+ Hero Nathan Silpath.  Danny & Nathan came to A.I. duPont Hospital at around the same time 7 years ago and have been battling so bravely ever since.

When are we going to say “enough is enough” and make eradicating #ChildhoodCancera national priority?!!!

P.S.  If you’re local, please come out and join us this Sat. Jan. 6th at 6pm for the Wilmington Classic ice hockey game between the Wilmington Police Dept. and Wilmington Fire Dept.  All proceeds benefit The B+ Foundation.  Tickets are only $5 and the game will be played at the Skating Club of Wilmington.

Ali & Andrew’s Dad