CAC2 Research Conference – “From Bench to Bedside”

The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) hosted its inaugural research conference this week at the world-famous Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, NY.  CAC2 is a collaborative organization comprised of over 100 childhood cancer organizations and numerous individual advocates from around the country.  CAC2 has been in existence for about 4-5 years.  CAC2 was the brainchild of Bob Piniewski and I am proud to have played a small part as one of the Co-Founders of CAC2.

This week’s “From Bench to Bedside” conference included representatives from the NCI, FDA, EMA (European counterpart to our FDA), pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies, world-class pediatric oncologists, and childhood cancer charities. The Chancellor Emeritus of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Dr. James Watson, joined us for the conference as well.  If his name sound familiar, it should.  Dr. Watson is the Nobel Prize winning molecular biologist who, along with his partner Dr. Francis Crick, discovered DNA in 1953.

It was a fascinating and very informative conference and I’m hopeful that impacts our ability to accelerate the progress of finding better treatments and cures for all types of childhood cancer.  Dr. Vickie Buenger, Donna Ludwinski, and Phil Renna were the organizers of the conference and deserve a lot of credit.


Thinking of Andrew

Last weekend, Chris, Ali, and I traveled to South Bend, IN to visit the school that Andrew dreamed of attending.  It was such a bittersweet time visiting the Grotto, the Basilica, “Touchdown Jesus” (see picture), and catching the game because I just couldn’t stop thinking about ‘what could have been’.  Ali wore a very special jersey.  One of the 2 things Andrew wanted for Christmas in 2006 (his last Christmas) was a Notre Dame football jersey of his favorite player (Jeff Samardzija).  Ali gave him that jersey and he wore it all Christmas day. Last Saturday, she wore it to ‘his’ campus representing him.  Andrew, you are ALWAYS in our thoughts!


Make it a great weekend.  LIVE LIKE ANDREW!

Ali & Andrew’s Dad