Research Update

While it is certainly much more complicated than discussing family assistance stories, I really get excited (and I hope you do as well) with the investments that we make in cutting-edge childhood cancer research.  In our last grant cycle, we awarded $1,500,000 to ten researchers from across the country.  Our world-class B+ Scientific Advisory Board carefully reviewed the dozens of proposals to select these 10 recipients.  For more information on these awardees, please click here.  I’m really excited about these projects and will update you as progress reports are received.

Last week, Carly Bergstein (Program Director- The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation) and I had the privilege of visiting Dr. Jeff Skolnick’s lab at Georgia Tech University.  Dr. Skolnick and his team were recipients of a grant in December, 2018.  Dr. Skolnick is a very accomplished computational biologist who is studying a cancer-driver gene, ACVR1, in a terrible type of brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).  Sadly, there is no cure for DIPG.  But, thanks to your support, a lot of exciting work is being funded by The B+ Foundation at GA Tech, Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and other institutions.  If you look closely, you’ll see a “B+” sticker next to Dr. Skolnick’s nameplate at his door.  And, if you’re wondering, yes, I asked if he put the sticker up right before we arrived and he said it’s been up for a year!  🙂


Share Your Refund

Ok, Delawareans, make your Delaware tax refund go farther!  How about sharing part (or all) of your refund with The B+ Foundation?  I know it’s really YOUR money, but doesn’t your tax refund feel like new money, like a gift or bonus?  Please consider parting with a little bit of it to help kids fight cancer.  PLEASE spread the word to all your friends (and especially friends who are accountants!).  Thanks.


Wilmington Classic

We had another great Wilmington Classic this year.  The Wilmington (DE) Police Department prevailed over the Wilmington (DE) Fire Department in the annual ice hockey battle to benefit The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.  Over $5,000 was raised and it was a fun night.  Thank you very much to Jeanmarie Jordan, Griff Jordan, Bobby Steele, the Skating Club of Wilmington and everyone involved in making this happen.


Martin Honda Supports The B+ Foundation

During the month of December, folks that bought cars at Martin Honda had the opportunity to share the love with a charity.  Once again this year, Martin Honda included The B+ Foundation as one of the possible recipients of a donation for each car sold.  I was privileged to represent us as we received a check for $2,350 from Hommy Poursaied, General Manager of Martin Honda.  Thank you.  Anyone want to do this in another part of the country?


Calling all experienced runners, rookie runners, and people with New Year’s resolutions!

How would you like to join the B+ Running Team, get in great shape, enjoy the camaraderie of the team, see a great city, and help kids fight cancer?  Maybe this is a ‘bucket list’ item for you or maybe you’re a veteran runner. All levels are welcome.  In 2020, we will be fielding a team in two different events:

  • the world famous New York City Marathon (Nov 1 – slots for this are extremely limited!)
  • the Savannah (GA) Rock N Roll Marathon or Half Marathon (Nov 7-8). Click here for details.

Two great cities and two great events.  (Details on the NYC Marathon will be forthcoming.  If you have interest in this one, please contact Carly Bergstein at Carly@bepositive.org.)

Thanks for your support.


Ali & Andrew’s Dad