The Mayor of Wilmington (DE) has cancelled all large gatherings in the City of Wilmington through the month of June,  That means that our 14th Annual B+ 5k is postponed.  We’re in the process of nailing down an alternative date a few months later.  Please don’t stop fundraising or getting friends to join your team.


Most importantly, I hope you’re all staying safe!

In spite of the global pandemic, this is a great time of year as billions of people across the globe celebrate Easter, Passover, and Ramadan.  I know you’re never supposed to talk about politics or religion, but I feel compelled to in the interest of the life-or-death health of our kids with cancer (and everyone in general).

I saw on the news that a pastor was claiming that social distancing and the public gathering restrictions are “a battle between God’s laws and man’s laws.  And, God’s laws will always win!”  With all due respect, this is NOT a battle between God’s laws and man’s laws!  Pastor, don’t try to be some kind of hero or martyr.  You’re being selfish and putting lives in danger.  My faith is EXTREMELY important to me and living a life that God would be proud of is of paramount importance to me.  Honoring God by making the most of the blessings that He has given me is critically important (every day, not just on Sunday in front of the cameras).  And, one of those blessings that he bestowed upon me is a brain.  I don’t dishonor God, but I honor Him when I use my brain to make responsible choices during this unprecedented global disaster.  Wise people are advising us to practice social distancing and other responsible, restrictive practices.  For the sake of God’s children, small ones and big ones, healthy ones and sick ones, let’s please use our brains – be smart and help each other out.  The scientific evidence is clear. I think God will be really proud of us.

Celebrate, observe, reflect, pray and make the most out of your respective holiday.  Just please stay home while you do it.

May God bless us all – protect us and give us strength at this challenging time.


Ali & Andrew’s Dad