“Kids Helping Kids Fight Cancer”

I have to share with you a beautiful note that I received from a child the other day.  Gabriella F. wrote “Dear B+, I like how you raise money for kids with cancer so I had a lemonade stand and raised $103 to help.  I hope it helps.  B+”  🙂  Yes, Gabriella it helps more than you know.  Not only will the $103 help a family of a child with cancer, but you’ve energized and inspired all of us. Thank you.


“B+ Heroes Track Day”

The DelVal BMW Club will host it’s annual “B+ Heroes Track Day” on Sat. Aug. 22nd at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ.  All of our local B+ Heroes have been invited to come out for a day of racing, lunch, and best of all, the opportunity to hop in cars and take a few laps around the track.  Thanks, DelVal BMW.


B+ Sightings

It’s always great to learn of B+ sightings around the world.  Here’s a picture of B+ friend and former Board Member, Kathy Witsil and her husband Steven, in China.  Thanks for bringing B+ with you on your trips and please keep those pictures coming.  We love seeing them.Witsils Great Wall of China


A Note to You from “Tina’s Mom”

“To The B+ Foundation, your foundation is a light in a dark, dark world.  But your compassion to help me was like a light that tunneled down to me.  And, I was like ‘wow, there are people that care in this world and they don’t even know me!'”

“Tina’s Mom”, our thoughts and prayers remain with you and we hope Tina’s cancer, now in remission, never returns and she enjoys a long, happy, and healthy life with very few, if any, side effects.

MAKE it a great weekend.

Live Like Andrew

Ali & Andrew’s Dad