The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation Awards $1,500,000 in Research Grants!

During our Summer/Fall research grant cycle, we received 41 really impressive applications from all over the country and Canada.  Our world-class, 8 member Scientific Advisory Board reviewed the applications through two rounds and, after much deliberations, selected the 10 grants that we will fund.  Each grant is a two year, $75,000/year grant.  These exciting research projects cover many childhood cancer disease types (I.e. Neuroblastoma, AML, Rhabdomyoscarcoma, DIPG, osteosarcoma, Central Nervous System tumors) across several leading institutions across the country.  For a list of the recipients, please visit the Research section of  It’s so exciting to think of the possibilities…


Students Make It Happen

We wouldn’t be able to give out $1,500,000 to researchers and $2,000,000 this year to families of kids with cancer if it wasn’t for young people.  Kids in elementary schools all the way to graduate schools who come together with a passion to raise money and awareness for our battle against childhood cancers.  I am SO inspired by them. Some of the recent campus activities of late include:

  • Sigma Chi “Fight Night” at the University of Texas
  • B+ Spin-a-thon at the University of Alabama
  • New York University’s “NYDM” dance marathon
  • FC Brandywine “Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation Cup” soccer tournament
  • Oregon State University Stadium Climb
  • West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine 5k
  • A.T. Still Medical College (MO)
  • Conrad School of the Sciences (DE)
  • B+ Hero Holiday Parties at University of Delaware, Villanova University, & Fordham University


Upcoming Events

We’ve got two great local events here in Delaware upcoming in the next month.

The Diamond State Classic is a premier, girls high school basketball tournament that attracts teams from all over the country.  The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation is proud to be the Primary Beneficiary of the Classic.  The tournament will be held on Dec. 27-30 at St. Elizabeth School in Wilmington.

The Wilmington Winter Classic will be held on Saturday, January 6, 2018 at the Skating Club of Wilmington.  This one is REALLY exciting!  The Winter Classic pits the Wilmington Police Department against the Wilmington Fire Department in what is always a hard fought ice hockey game.  We are proud & appreciative to be the beneficiary of the Wilmington Winter Classic.


Message from a B+ Hero

We got a nice thank-you note from Ja’Khari’s sister/legal guardian.  She wrote “thank you for the grant that B+ provided.  Ja’khari and I just lost our Mom.  To know people care as we continue this journey of fighting this cancer means a lot, so thank you again.”

With every check we send out, we also include a brief 10 questionnaire slip of paper.  I feel like we get to know the kids so much better when I read these.  Here’s a chance for you to learn a little more about Ja’Khari.


Make the rest of today special.  Live Like Andrew!


Ali & Andrew’s Dad