Over the past two weeks, three of our larger schools have held B+ events on their campuses.  Our student partners have done an AMAZING job navigating through a full school year of pandemic and never quitting on our kids.  I have so much admiration for these students.  Next to starting the Foundation, this has probably been the toughest year of fundraising.  All three of these events were dramatically changed to comply with CDC, state, and university health guidelines.  Thank you UDance, NOVAdance, and Fordham Dance Marathon!

NOVAdance (Villanova University, PA) – $481,754

FDM (Fordham University, NYC) – $92,054

UDance (University of Delaware) – $1,563,036

Kudos also go out to Syosset High School on Long Island, NY for holding their first ever B+ dance marathon.  They raised an incredible $18,000 in Year 1…in a pandemic!  Thank you.

This weekend, our friends at Springfield College in MA will hold their B+ event.  And, Wilmington Friends School students will gather for the B+ Disc Golf Tournament.   I’m sure both will be great.


Family Assistance Update

Just finished our weekly review of applications for this week.  Sixty five checks went out to help…to truly help our families.  Not only will this lessen the financial burden and allow the family to focus on their child’s life-or-death battle, but this support shows them that someone ‘out there’ cares about them and, perhaps most importantly, this support improves the likelihood of survival for these children.  We keep families in their home, buy medicine that they can’t afford, fix their car so that they can get to the hospital and SO many other things that directly impact the child’s survival trajectory.  Sadly, today, we also provided assistance to 6 families who are struggling to pay for their child’s funeral.  Thank you very much for your financial support and prayers.


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