10 years ago today, our lives changed forever. January 27, 2007, Andrew played 4 soccer games and helped his team win the state championship. Just 48 hours later, January 29, 2007, Andrew was at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children| Nemours with a diagnosis of Leukemia. Within hours, his body started crashing and he was rushed to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. His body went into Septic Shock and his heart stopped.

Doctors and nurses swarmed the room trying to resuscitate him. Over night, his body weight increased 50% due to the fluids they pumped into his body to stabilize him.

The doctor told us Andrew wouldn’t live through the night. That was the first of the 4 times we heard those words. And that was the first time Andrew proved the doctors wrong and showed them his incredible strength and will to live.

10 years ago today, Andrew made it through that night and our 166-day #ChildhoodCancer journey began.

Today, please do something nice for someone else. Even if it’s just making them smile. Please #LiveLikeAndrew, #BePositive and help us honor our son, brother and friend. If your life has been impacted by Andrew or if you’ve been inspired by him, please do share that with us.