As we experience a very aggressive second spike of coronavirus, I just hold my breath for our families.  As bad as it is to be told that your child has cancer, can you imagine being told that your child has cancer DURING A PANDEMIC?!!!

The average annual household income of the families that we assist is ~$30,000.  Many of our families have lost jobs while their little boy or girl fights for his or her life.  Many of the resources for families of kids with cancer – other childhood cancer charities – have either gone out of business during the pandemic or have stopped giving out assistance.  Thankfully, because of you, we’re still here for the families and we always will be.  But, as the largest provider of financial assistance to families of kids with cancer in the U.S., I feel a greater burden on our shoulders.

From another perspective, I absolutely CANNOT imagine not being allowed to visit my son in the hospital ALONG with my wife and daughter.  The three of us cherished the time we had in the hospital with Andrew, notwithstanding the fact that the days were very hard.  I understand why hospitals have to have a ‘one visitor’ rule during the pandemic, but I would be even sadder if I looked back and realized that I missed precious memories of my son’s last months alive.  As odd as it may sound, there was a measure of peace that I had sleeping in the chair in Andrew’s hospital room looking over at my son in his bed and my wife and daughter sleeping in a pull-out loveseat.  My family was together.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I ask you to please think about our families of kids with cancer.  Whether you can help by making a donation at www.BePositive.org or saying a prayer, we appreciate the support of B+ Nation.  As you make purchases for the holidays, please select us as your charity at Amazon Smile.  Three weeks from tomorrow will be #GivingTuesday and we’re trying to raise $100,000. It’s been a BRUTAL year from a fundraising perspective and I’m hoping we can close the year out strong by digging out of the hole, to some degree.  Please watch our social media channels for more on #GivingTuesday.

Thank you to everyone who supported our virtual B+ 5k.  I was STUNNED by how our community came together.  YOU raised over $85,000 in a VIRTUAL 5k.  That’s unheard of.  Thank you SO much!

MAKE it a great week.


Ali & Andrew’s Dad