Let me first start by thanking everyone for the kinds words and donations in honor of Andrew’s 29th birthday on September 3rd.  It doesn’t really get much easier, but your kindness really does make a difference.  I miss my buddy so much!!!


Brave the Shave

Last Saturday, a group of very compassionate people gathered in Bismarck, ND for “Brave the Shave”.  Brave the Shave is a series of head shaving events that occur all over North Dakota (and sometimes into South Dakota).  One of the events is “Guns & Hoses” (cops vs firefighters) and others are with towns throughout the state. The “Flagship Event” is the one held in Bismarck near the end of the series.  This is what was held last Saturday.  Approximately 100 people – adults and a few kids – shaved their heads.  Several years ago, the Brave the Shave group, after an exhaustive search, selected The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation as their research partner.  In a normal (non-Covid) year, the North Dakota folks donate $300,000 to help fund cutting-edge research through our grant-making process.  I just think it’s amazing how people volunteer to step up and do what they can.  You know why I do what I do.  I watched my son die from cancer.  But, these people, like so many of you, haven’t been directly touched by childhood cancer.  You just share our passion that kids should get a chance to grow up.  The more this mentality can spread, the faster we’re going to make an impact.  I would really love to see other communities around the country replicate what Brave the Shave is doing.  If you are sitting there reading this and have any interest in your area, please reach out to me at Joe@LiveLikeAndrew.org.  I know the North Dakota people would love to share their ideas and tips.

(Below is a before and after picture of a local Lutheran Bishop, Craig Schweitzer.  EVERYONE gets in on the action!)


Calling All Dads!!!

The organizers of the Miss Jetset contest and several other contests have now introduced their latest online contest – The Legendary Dad Bod Contest!!!  Want to win $25,000 and a spread in a magazine?  And, help fight childhood cancer?  Yes, The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation is the exclusive beneficiary of the Legendary Dad Bod Contest.  Sign up today by clicking here!


Live Like Andrew!

Andrew & Ali’s Dad