I hope everyone in B+ Nation is staying safe and doing well.  I thank you for your continued support because, now more than ever, our families of kids need you.  I want to share with you two thank-you notes sent in to you.  You make it possible!

“Words cannot begin to express the overwhelming gratitude of my family for what you have made possible. To be able to sit by my son’s side and only have him on my mind not only relieves the mommy stress of the chaos of the outside world if I’m going to be able to keep my head above water; relieves my mind to free it up to place my cares solely on my son his fight and his survival. The impact is far beyond financial it’s peace of mind in a time where your mind is everywhere. I thank you my family thanks you. I can’t begin to say enough.”


“Having your youngest son diagnosed with cancer at the same time of a world chaos creates an atomic explosion in the mind and heart of a parent. It is devastating and painful to see the suffering of a child, a child you love , a child you will give your life for them to be free of this monster!!

Now, please think for a second and meditate on this.  You are in shock, you are destroyed and you wake up to the real world for few minutes, and then you realize that life does not STOP. Bills still need to be paid. Rent , car, insurance, food etc. And if you are not rich or millionaire like many Americans you live one day at a time to make enough to buy bread and milk for your children.
I tell you with all my heart you who donate your money is not only helping paid bills! But your financial support is giving parents like us hope; that people still love and have compassion even for those you do not know. You are giving FREEDOM and PEACE of Mind to parents to focus and give 1000% the time and love to our loved ones. We want to see our kids every single second they are alive and breathing. We just want to sit down in a corner and just to watch them have their eyes open and some times you can get a small smile…THIS MEANS THE WORLD TO ME !!
For me, personally, BE POSITIVE and the donors have given us more than money!! You guys gave us new strength and power and hope so we can continue in this fight and defeat this monster of cancer!!
Continue to reach to those in need so they can continue to fight back. You are the best trainer in the corner for those crying for help.


14th Annual B+ 5k

Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold our 14th Annual B+ 5k at Andrew’s school in June, but we’ve tentatively set a new date of Sunday, November 1st.  Please keep creating your teams – real or virtual – and continue to send out the pre-written email solicitation to 10 of your friends.

Live Like Andrew – MAKE it a great weekend!


Ali & Andrew’s Dad