Andrew McDonough’s Story

Andrew's story

His Inspirational Life

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation® honors the memory of Andrew, a 14-year-old athlete and ‘A’ student from Wilmington, Delaware. January 27, 2007, Andrew helped lead his team to victory in a Pennsylvania state championship soccer tournament. Within 48 hours, he was in cardiac arrest. The diagnosis was AML Leukemia. The prognosis was grim. In fact, doctors didn’t expect Andrew to live through the night. Amazingly, Andrew fought for 167 days before going to Heaven on July 14, 2007.

Andrew’s B+ blood type became the perfect message — BE POSITIVE — to reflect how he lived his life and how he inspired others to do the same. Throughout his illness, Andrew inspired thousands to B+ and “Live Like Andrew.”

It is in Andrew’s honor that The B+ Foundation was formed, with the goals to provide financial help to families of children with cancer, to support childhood cancer research, to advocate for more funding, and to spread the B+ message: “It’s not a grade. It’s an attitude.”

We developed B+ cards to encourage acts of kindness to honor Andrew. Everything from doing chores to opening doors, from random gifts to strangers to gifts for other sick kids have been done to spread the B+ message. Kids, teens, and adults are asking for donations to The B+ Foundation in lieu of birthday and holiday gifts! Thousands of B+ supporters spread the message by wearing B+ Gear, talking about B+, and trying to Live Like Andrew.

His Legacy

Every day, Andrew’s family receives emails, letters, and phone calls about Andrew and The B+ Foundation, and requests for B+ T-shirts, wristbands, and B+ cards. People tell us that Andrew has changed their lives, and that they pray to Andrew. But still, every day without Andrew is hard. Hearing from friends and “friends we haven’t met yet” helps keep us going. That, and the goal to continue to spread the B+ message nationally.  As Andrew would have liked.