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UDance School Event


Kids Helping Kids Individuals

It showed me that there is more to college Greek-life than partying, and that a group of students can come together to make a difference in the lives of hundreds. –Jay M

B+ School Events

Students Helping Kids Fight Cancer

Bring B+ to Your Campus

All across the country, colleges, student organizations, clubs, sports teams, fraternities, and sororities are getting into the B+ spirit. These students organize, fundraise, and inspire as they raise money for The B+ Foundation to help the 46 kids each school day who are diagnosed with cancer. We are the beneficiary of events nationwide! From The University of Washington on Seattle to NYU in New York City and everyone in-between! UDance, the dance marathon at The University of Delaware is now the 5th largest in the nation!

We’d like to partner with colleges and universities to create a successful, sustainable, philanthropy event on your campus by leveraging our mutual strengths. With our proven success in event marketing, our first-hand knowledge of children fighting cancer, and your local volunteer resources, we can help you create a fundraiser that everyone can be proud of — and help fight childhood cancer.

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B+ Heroes and Your School

A B+ philanthropy event brings your organization together to create a diverse event that makes a difference in the lives of children who are afflicted with cancer.

Part of what makes our programs so unique and successful is The B+ Heroes Program. The B+ Heroes Program matches a participating group (i.e. fraternity, student organization) with a child battling cancer. We assist children with cancer and their families across the country and have the potential to match organizations at your school with B+ Heroes. B+ Heroes make these terrible diseases more real, provide inspiration, and give students a reason to dance, fundraise, and increase awareness about the battle our B+ Heroes fight. These partnerships are intended to be long-term and we find that the children really become part of your group’s family.

B+ School Events

Already Have an Event?

If you have an existing event that you want to grow, The B+ Foundation will give you the attention and involvement you’re looking for from your charitable partner. We offer our years of experience and full support to make your event as successful as it can be, and we’re prepared to work with you throughout the year.

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New Event Ideas

Here are some of the creative events students have organized for B+:

  • Dance marathon
  • 5K, color run, mud run, Spartan race
  • Pool party
  • Polar Plunge
  • Spin-a-thon
  • Talent show
  • Volleyball tournament
  • Softball tournament
  • Soccer tournament
  • Dodgeball tournament

Feedback from Students Involved in B+ College Events

We are doing this for Andrew, for all of the kids who never got the chance to be a kid. We are doing it for their parents, like Joe, who have to wake up every morning to an empty bed in their home. We are doing it for their siblings, like Ali, who have to lose their best friend. We are doing it so that little girls like Gabby can go to cheerleading practice and the only thing they have to worry about is learning how to do the splits. -Sarah M

A B+ event is a wonderful way to show the communities around us that we care, are listening to them, and are there to help. -Becca B

This event is unlike anything else. What remains with you is the sense of satisfaction and the maturity that comes with fighting for something that is bigger than yourself. -Nithin P

Revealing how much money we had raised was single handedly the most significant and proudest accomplishment of my entire life. -Sarah H

B+ Individual Events

Everyone is Capable of Helping Kids Fight Cancer

You Can Help the Kids

Your donations really add up. They enable us to write checks to buy gas for hospital visits hours away, or to buy medicine that insurance won’t cover.

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation relies on the help of thousands of supporters like you nationwide. Through your generous contributions of Time, Talent, and Treasure, we have been able to provide financial and emotional assistance to thousands of families of children with cancer in every state. And we’ve provided research grants to support cutting-edge childhood cancer research in world-class institutions including Seattle Children’s Hospital, Dana-Farber/Harvard Medical Center, Nemours Center for Childhood Cancer Research, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Ninas Bake Sale

Support or Attend Events that Benefit B+

We rely on participants, sponsors, and volunteers to keep our events growing year after year. Check our list of events as it’s updated often. Many of our supporters organize their own events or dedicate the proceeds of events to B+. Contact us if you’re interested in hosting an event to benefit B+.

Kids helping Kids Individuals

Join the B+ Junior Board

In the spring of 2012, a group of elementary school friends set up a corner stand to sell baked goods the weekend of the Flower Market in Wilmington, DE. They decided that all proceeds would go to The B+ Foundation because they “fell in love” with the foundation and the whole idea of making life a bit easier for kids and families in treatment.

Four years later, they are still just kids who support The B+ Foundation every spring, but now they’ve committed to do more.  The creation of The B+ Junior Board is a shining example of Kids Helping Kids Fight Cancer.  Their first event is a family New Year’s Eve party, and it’s being developed, promoted, and run by kids. Their goal is to have more than 200 guests (students and parents) to increase awareness, raise money for B+, and have their event become a blueprint to inspire kids across the country to host events in their communities.

Create Your Own Way to B+

Kids and teens, families and teams are raising funds and awareness in so many ways. Here are some ideas to encourage and inspire you:

Kids and Teens

  • Donations in lieu of birthday gifts
  • Family movie night or game night at school
  • B+ Mitzvah projects
  • Neighborhood chores
  • Classroom penny wars
  • B+ on team uniforms
  • Talent shows
  • 3v3 tournaments
  • Sell B+ Gear at school
  • Start a B+ Club

Families and Adults

  • Matching gift donations at work
  • Donations in lieu of wedding favors, birthday or holiday gifts
  • Family spare change jar
  • Jeans day donations at work
  • Wine-tasting fundraiser
  • Guest bartenders
  • Golf outings
  • Silent auctions
  • Garage sales
  • United Way (Delaware —11776, Southeastern PA —47481; Others –write in “The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation” and Tax ID #42-1741037)


  • Benefit games
  • B+ on uniforms
  • B+ T-shirts as warm-up jerseys
  • 3v3 tournaments

Wear B+ Gear

From T-shirts and jerseys to caps and sterling silver jewelry. Wear your B+ Gear and start a conversation about Andrew and B+ and the need to support the fight against childhood cancer. Spread the B+ message.

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Make a Donation

Kids and teens, families and teams are raising funds and awareness in so many ways. Here are some ideas to encourage and inspire you:

You can quickly donate online with your credit card. Or kindly send your donations to:

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation
101 Rockland Circle
Wilmington, DE 19803

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation is an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We provide acknowledgement letters for your tax deductible donations.

The B+ Foundation and the donors that contribute to it changed our lives, showing us that there are still folks out there who care. You read and see so much going on in the world that is wrong, and then there you are to help! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You and your donors are in our thoughts forever. –Mother of B+ Hero

Support Our Sponsors or Become One

These businesses help us continue our work. Please support their work. To become a sponsor, please contact Joe at or 302.563.8389.

Invite Joe to Speak

Joe has been asked to speak at hundreds of companies, sports banquets, classrooms, graduations, blood drives, fundraisers, sports camps and games, to sports teams, United Way meetings, service organizations, schools, and church groups. Joe tailors his talks to his audience, but always includes the story of Andrew and The B+ Foundation, specifically how one can Live Like Andrew(TM) every day and the objectives of The B+ Foundation. If you’d like to invite Joe to your event, you can contact him at

Be Positive Speaker

“He made me want to make a difference in other people’s lives.”-High school student

“He was very funny and an inspiring, down-to-earth person.” -High school student

“I heard many wonderful comments from parents about the positive message that you gave to the parents and students. North Star students have gained so much from their experience with The B+ Foundation.” -Elementary school teacher